Can I use a wall anchor like the one's that Bob and Brad sell?

Bob and Brad have been great supporters of our products and we appreciate all they do to promote our company. The wall anchors they sell are a fantastic product and work very well with our bands with one exception.

The wall attachments that they have designed and promote for use with our bands illustrate a damaging way to anchor the bands. Bob and Brad recommend threading or hooking the band directly onto their wall anchors. We have had dozens of customers damage and/or break their bands anchoring their bands in this fashion. Resistance bands should never be threaded directly through, or around,  a hard object like their wall anchors. Doing so causes the latex to tear as it stretches and contracts against the hard surface. These tears will lead to a break.

In order to properly anchor the bands to their wall anchors, you will need to use the small anywhere anchor and then thread your bands through that. The bands can only be thread through the padded loop of any of our anchors to ensure that they are safely able to expand and contract. You can find the Bodylastics Small Anywhere Anchor here:

In order to ensure that you are safely using and anchoring your bands, here is a list of common mistakes that will cause a band to break including threading your bands against a hard surface.

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